Race Info

Information & Rules

1. All paddlers must be A+ rated (completed at least 3 AR rated races) in a K1.

2. The race is run in accordance with the rules of CSA and will be contested from Kwena Dam to Weltevreden Bridge on day 1 and again from Kwena Dam to Weltevreden Bridge on on day 2. Route will be finally determined on race day.

3. The race will be contested on a time basis with the winner being the competitor who completes the event in the fastest time.

4. The race starts 10h00 on Saturday the 22 September 2018 below the dam wall. The start will be in a time-trial format with the competitors being set off individually at 15 second intervals. Day 2 starts below the dam wall will be at 8H00 on Sunday the 23 September 2018.

5. A cut-off time of 1,75 of the leaders time will be enforced at Sterkdoorn Weir 10km from the start. Any competitor not past this point in the stipulated time must withdraw from the race.

6. All kayaks must conform in all ways to CSA specifications.

7. Kayaks may not be replaced during the event.

8. Both national numbers and race numbers must be displayed on either side of the kayak for the entire duration of the event.

9. No numbers will be on sale at the start of the event. All competitors must ensure that they have their numbers on the kayak before the event.

10. Pre-entries close at 17h00 on 20 September 2018. The entry fee of R600.00 (Juniors R300.00) must accompany the entry. Late entries will be accepted on race day at a addisional fee of R50. Race entry fee includes a cap and a drink. Meals can be purchased at the finish.

11. Only pre-entries will be considered for the seeded start on the first day.

12. Life-jackets and helmets are compulsory.

13. All competitors must be registered members of an affiliated canoe club and must race in club colours. Advertising must be in accordance with CSA rules.

14. Under no circumstances may any kayak, or part thereof, be left in the valley. Competitors withdrawing from the race must report, with their kayak, to one of the officials at the finish. Any person found transgressing this rule will be banned from this race in future.

15. Portaging is restricted to 100 metres in length and within 50 metres of the waters edge except for the demarcated portages, which may be introduced by the officials for safety reasons.

16. No appeal will be heard unless it is in writing and within 1 hour of the paddler completing the stage.

17. Non-compliance with any of the above rules may lead to the disqualification of the transgressor.

18. The organisers reserve the right to change the format of the event should it be considered not to be in the interests of canoeing to stage the event in the present format.

19. The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject entries.

20. No correspondence will be entered into.