The River

The section of the Elands river that is paddled during the race starts about 10km west of Ngodwana which is about 50km from Nelspruit on the N4 and end 23km downstream. This river can be paddled from 4,5cumec up to 35cumec and the brave up to 50cumec. There is lots and lots of rapids and the longest flat-water section is less than 1km. It is a wonderful river for novices when the level is low and most Lowvelders had their first river experiences on this river. As the level rises the character changes all the time. At a low level certain rapids are very tricky, but at higher levels the same rapids becomes quite easy. There is never a dull moment on this river, which is not as technical as the Lowveld Croc, but a slip in concentration might result in a swim. Boats are seldom broken on this river, but be aware, it has happened, even with the more experienced. K2’s can paddle the river from 8cumec and more, and a bullet proof draw stroke might save you from a swim or to. The river is a C grade on lower levels and becomes B from 15cumec. Don’t under estimate the 23km distance, you will be tired after this race.


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