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    I/We, the undersigned, hereby:

    1. Declare that I/we am/are sufficiently competent to take part in the Sappi 3338 Elands Memorial Race and that I/we am/are sufficiently competent to paddle an B Grade river. It is a CSA requirement that you are b rated, any other entries will be rejected, and no refund applicable.

    2. I am aware of potential dangers involved in the participation in canoeing and associated activities.

    3. Assume all risks of participation in the Sappi 3338 Elands Memorial Race and all related activities.

    4. I am further aware that Canoeing South Africa (CSA) and the Gauteng Canoe Union (GCU) and all subordinate bodies and officials as well as the sponsors of the events, in organising and permitting my participation in the event and in establishingand enforcing safety measures in regard thereto, cannot ensure my safety and/or the adequacy of suchmeasures.

    5. As such, I undertake to :

    (a) Participate in this event and all of its associatedactivities at my own sole risk and responsibility.
    (b) Exonerate all persons and bodies involved in the organization and sponsorship of this event under the auspices of CSA and the GCU from and indemnify them against all loss or damage which I or any others, including my dependents may suffer asa result of any injury or death as a result of any omission or act, on the part of such body or person whether due to negligence (includinggross negligence) or otherwise.
    (c) Comply with all safety rules and regulations of CSA and of the GCU as well as their subordinate bodies.



    Account Name: GCU Race account
    Account Number: 1984605992
    Bank: Nedbank
    Branch Code: 198405

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