The River

Start: Gauging Weir - Shoot to the right of middle
Km 1,5 - Gundu's Weir
Km 1,5 - Gundu's Weir and bridge below. Shoot on left.
Km 2,8 - Game Fence. The corrugated iron sheets and two gates installed in the fence will be lifted on race day. Early morning fun ahead
Km 4,2 - Steyn's Low Level Bridge: Portage on right
Km 6,4 - O'Conners Corner: Tricky S-bend to right and then left followed by a great rapid
Km 6,8 - Pipe bridge, shoot left.
Km 10,5 - Sterkdoorn Weir: Shoot to right of the middle between the 2 piers.
Km 16,8 - Rapid 14: Hug the left bank and shoot between 2 prominent pinnacle rocks or stay right of both pinnacle rocks.
Km 17,2 - Rapid 13: Enjoy the drop.
Km 20,5 - Brum's house.
Km 21 - Johan's house, stay left, nice drop.
Km 22 - Thys's house.
Km 23 - Gundu's corner.
Km 25,5 - Carisbrook rapid: Go middle, then left, then follow the line from left to right. At very high level it can be shot on the right.
Km 29 - Last few kays.
Km 32,5 - Jaco's Weir: Almost there!
km 33
Km 33 - Weltevreden Bridge


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